March 2020

Maintained Shoe Racks For Happy Feet

Keep the shoe rack at home tidy, hygienic, and smelling well.

It is never a good idea to delay and postpone the execution of boring domestic chores. Do them today, never leave them for tomorrow. Delaying the inevitable (well, you are going to be doing that cleaning sooner or later) is never a winning strategy and is bound to cause you headaches at a later stage.

Here is what I suggest you do with your shoe rack. Vacuum it first so any mud, dirt and dust are removed. Then you grab your favourite general-purpose cleaning product and give the interior (and exterior) a thorough clean. Don’t spare the elbow grease ;). If you prefer to make your own house cleaning products (I do too), try to mix vinegar, baking soda, boiled water and drops of lemon or your essential oil of choice. This will give you decent cleaning results. use a sponge to dip in the magic potion you just cooked.

When you are done cleaning with the sponge you need to dry everything with a clean dry cloth.

Next step – wash all of your shoes that reside in the shoe rack. Pick carefully which ones you have been using the most. These will be your most comfortable shoes. The rest must go away in the closet or garage/attic.

Think about how to store them. Do you prefer boxes or not? It is important to refresh regularly to avoid moisture absorption.

You can organize your shoes based on either how often you wear them or based on what season it is

If you want the air in the rack to be fresh and the shoes smelling nice, use coffee beans or a slice of citrus fruit to absorb the unpleasant moisture. There you go. Job done. On to the next one.…