Keep the shoe rack at home tidy, hygienic and well-smelled.

It is not a good idea to find different reasons for postponing domestic affairs and boring cleaning tasks for tomorrow or for next week. Such a living strategy is really unsuccessful and definitely cause you a headache later.

At first vacuum the shoe rack to remove mud, dust, ash. After that
clean the closet with your favourite washing product. If you haven’t got such an efficient one, try to reach sufficient results with magic and simple homemade ingredient which consist of vinegar, baking soda, boiled water, a little bit lemon or drops of essential oil.
You can dry with a microfiber or with a clean cloth.

Next step – Wash all of your season shoes. Select which are comfortable, you need and want to wear. Then choose which of them to put in the closet.

Think about how to store them. Do you prefer boxes or not? It is important to refresh regularly to avoid moisture.

You can organize the shoes either per the season or how often is their usage.

If you want the air in the rack to be fresh and the shoes well-smelled, use coffee beans or a slice of citrus to absorb the unpleasant moisture.